Clashes between Free Syrian Army and YPG militias , injuries among civilians north Aleppo

Horrific clashes between Free Syrian Army and YPG militias on northern countryside of Aleppo’s fronts after midnight.

Our sources informed militias trying to advance at Khafer_Khasher area , Khafer_kalbin , Kaljibrin and Maree north Aleppo , but Free Syrian Army managed to repels the attack causing deaths and wounded among offensive militias .

Our correspondent said several bombs fell on out skirts of Ezzaz city and Khafr_Kalbin town led to several injuries including dangeriuse cases moved to Turkey , while damages limited on phisicals in Maree city .

Worthmention that the region witnesses daily clashes between Free Syrian Army and YPG militias , in which the last trying to advance at the area after negotiations fail.

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