10 Martyrs and dozens wounded The Russian shelling of the villages of Hama and Idlib.

For the fifth day in a row, the bombing campaign targeting the villages of Idlib and Hama has escalated with hundreds of air raids and explosive drums that left dozens of martyrs and wounded.

Where 4 civilians were killed and 4 others were injured by air raids on the night of the Russian warplanes against the houses of civilians in the village of # Qaladin after midnight, where the civil defense teams rushed to the place and worked to retrieve the martyrs and transport the wounded and secure the target places.

A young man was also killed by an artillery bombardment of the Assad regime on the town of Kafr Zeita, where the civil defense teams worked to remove his body from the rubble after hours of work in the rubble. A person was killed in the town of Jab Salman and another in the fortress of the Strait as a result of Russian air strikes. Sporadic bombardments on each of the towns of Shahid, Muhbel and Habib in the bombing of the explosive barrel.

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