A bombardment by internationally_banned bombs against the Hama countryside leavs martyrs and injureis .

Russian and Assad warplaned carried out several violent airstrikes with poison chlorin gas and phosphorus bombs on the liberated cities and towns countryside of Hama , which is under the control of the rebels , led to martyrs and injuries in civilian casualties.

Thiqa’s correspondent in the northern countryside of Hama that Russian warplanes attack on Saturday the field hospital in the town of Allatamna in Hama countryside ,led to kill the doctor “Ali Darwish” and more than 50 civil including staff of the hospital were injured.

Since yesterday morning on Saturday the Russian and Syrian aircraft carried out several raids hit all over the northern countryside of Hama with more than 130 raids and the use of internationally_banned phosphorus ,to bomb each of the village of Khattap and Maarzaf “thiqa’s reporter said.

As such Russian airstrikes last night , step up shelling by the internationally_banned bombs, where it targeted the city of Allatamnah and Taybatiman by 5 raids of phosphorus bombs ,and 3 raids on the town of Kaferzeita by internationally_forbiden missiles ,

Our correspondent pointed that warplanes targeted also the city of Muharda, where the majority of Christianity by two raids with cluster missiles , without receiving news about the victims among civilian casualties.

And this campaign comes after the rebels launched an attack against Assad forces positions and foreign militias loyal to him in the northern countryside of Hama , led to liberating large areas and aproaching of the city of Hama in the Center of Syria.

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