A child his leg has been amputated in Aleppo

Why do not I run like them? Why do not I play with them? I have to stand at the door of the house. I watch them. These are words that Ahmed did not say. But when I looked at him, I thought this was what he was thinking.

Ahmed Beshr Rokbi child from Aleppo did not exceed the age of ten years, a single for his mother and a brother of three daughters, orphan father and house, displaced and does not know why he abandoned, .. Ahmed’s father was killed in 2013 by the sniper Syrian regime at the crossing of Bustan Alkaser in Aleppo. Since That day his painful fate has begun, not only the fate and deprivation of care of the father alone, he was hit by warplanes in his home in Ansari neighborhood, western Aleppo, where the house was targeted by an explosive missile , which changed about the life of the orphan to the bitterness of disability, the fate is more painful this time, He has been hit in his thin legs, causing one of them to be immediately amputated and the other injured Disintegration of the bones of the thigh,

His mother told us that” several surgery operations were performed on Ahmad’s leg, which remained during the siege of the city but did not succeed

She pointed out that after they emerged from the siege, she searched a lot for a way to treat him and make an artificial limb, but did not succeed and that some organizations promised to ensure his treatment but they did not return

Um Ahmad concluded her short talk with us with a humanitarian appeal to those who remain a true human being to look at Ahmed’s case and restore part of the smile to his innocent face, which had been disturbed by a hard war.

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