A violent bombardment targets Aleppo’s rurals and leaves martyrs.

Artillery shelling and air raids from Assad’s forces and Russia targeted Aleppo’s countrysides nortnern Syria , western, northern and Southern that led to massacres and destruction of civilians houses.

In early morning, Assad’s airstrikes have done a massacre , where the former recently has killed more than 8 civilians , most of them are children, in Babekkah town west of Aleppo after a horrifice air raid by warplanes, meanwhile ; more than ten civilians were injured with different wounds , they were taken to close hospitals of the area , and some of them were moved into Turky because of their risky situations.

“A woman was martyred , several wounded among civilians due to Assad’s artillery shelling on Banan_alhess town in southern countryside of Aleppo , in adition to phisical damages ” said thiqa_agency’s reporter in southern countryside of Aleppo.

And in western countryside of Aleppo , Russian airstrikes have targeted Alradwan complexion sorrounded to Urem_alkubrah town west of Aleppo by shudder rocket , led to a massive destruction of Public utility without any injuries , in conjunction with bombing has targeted another residential complexion in the area. Almansora has been bombed with crazy cannons and missiles by Assad’s forces also.

Moreover , in northern Aleppo rural , airstrikes have done several violent air raids upon Hayan town , in which it hit civilians houses with interstitial missiles. Anadan city has exposured to the same bombing by interstitial missiles that led to phsical damages also.

Airstrikes have targeted both Dartezza , Alatareb , Khafarnaha , Alkhasemya and another areas in western countryside of Aleppo by several air raids that led to wounded and a huge destruction of civilians houses and Public Utilities

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