Air raids on both Idlib and Aleppo countryside leaving out martyrs and wounded

Assad and Russian airstrikes have recently aroused several air raids at different areas in both of Aleppo and Idlib, in the areas that are under the rebles controll, where they targeted the civilians’s houses, this led to fall of martyrs and wounded.

According to Thiqa_agency’s reporter , that the western countryside of Aleppo has been attacked by several air raids,meanwhile these raids have allready targeted both Dartezza, Alsaloom, and Khafardael by several raids, led to a huge deatruction of civilians’s houses.

The agency’s reporter added also that, Assad’s forces that are stationed at artillery college have targeted both Khafarnaha and Khan_alasal towns by cannons and rockets bombs, this led to a destruction of civilians’s houses without any injueies among them.

According to the agency’s report, in Idlib province, that three civilians were killed due to air raids upon Urem_aljouse town in Idlib countryside, another civilians were killed and two were injured because of the air raids upon Darkhabirah town in the southern countryside of Idlib,

And the reporter added also, that a woman was martyred,wherease another were injured due to an aeril bombardment of Jbala town in southern countryside of Idlib, where many of civilians were injured, among them, workers from civil defens due to aeril bombarment upon Alarbain mountain in Ariha in Idlib countryside.

In adition to that, airstrikes have just aroused several air raids upon Ma’art_Hermah, and Alnqir towns in the southern countryside of Idlib, while many of civilians were injured due to missiles fell on Khafrawid town in Idlib countryside

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