Aleppo misses its guies

The regime and its allies controlled the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo for almost six months after the last groups of armed opposition fighters left on December 22, 2016. Despite the expiration of this period, the reality of the city and the people in the destroyed neighborhoods did not change, but Worse, thousands of civilians have not been able to return because of the lack of services and the widespread proliferation of weapons and crime, coupled with a terrible security situation…

Hamdan said to thiqa_agency: “The reality of the situation in the city of Aleppo and specifically in its eastern neighborhoods is one of the worst places in Syria because it lacks all the elements of life. This has led to the displacement of a large number of people once again and return to the opposition control areas in the countrysides. .

Hamdan stressed that the eastern neighborhoods have not received electricity, water or road repairs until now, and that they are still suffering from deliberate neglect by the regime forces to force the people to leave their homes and leave them as a kind of policy of displacement practiced by the regime in Syria.

He added that the remaining people today taste the two difficulties because of the domination of the Shappiests and other militias and their dedication to criminality by stealing houses and furniture in front of the occupants by force at gunpoint, in addition to stealing cables and electricity transformers, and even power cords inside the walls of houses, Water machines of the regime itself.

In turn, Afra’a (m) confirmed to thiqa_agency, one of the residents of the eastern neighborhoods. That Ramadan this year is sad and painful and carries with it a severe gulf with the absence of people and spirituality, because of the painful reality of the city

Afra’a added that some people are trying hard to make Ramadan rituals and live the sad reality, by preparing mass breakfast tables (Eftar), but they collide with the shappieasts( Shabiha) abuser of everything, they imposed even on those tables where they take most of the meals force in front of the fasting, They are mainly non-fasting and are made to break their fast in broad daylight.

Afra’a pointed to the complete absence of the young generation in the eastern neighborhoods for fear of arrest and compulsory service, she confirmed that most mosques, markets and public places are only “men and women” over the age of fifty

Afra’a explained that “the Syrian regime worked before its control, on killing people and destroying their homes, and today, after control work to displace them and arrest and liquidation and tightening screws on them, to kill them as well as alive, the Syrian regime has become a clear hostility with the people of Aleppo, specially the neighborhoods that went out of his control for a long time

Author: Majed Abd al_Nour

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