Alezzeh Army to thiqa agency , the battel is continuing, Its aim is to hit the Assad regime deep within .

Today on Wedensday since this morning the rebels carried out a wide offense of several axes in northern countryside of Hama , during it they were able to control over an important strategic positions near the city of Hama .

The manager of media center of Alezzeh army of the free Syrian Army , which is partucipated in the battel, said told thiqa_agency sayin : today on wedensday we began a battel continuation of a battle initiated since monthes called ” For the sake of God we go “.

And about the aim of the battel ” Aiming to free up several points deep in the regime control regions which is the first line of defense for the city of Hama” said Ubada Al_hamwi

Al_hamwi pointed out that Alezzeh Armi until this period could free up from its axes Biguet hill area, the town of Almajdal, homemades frontier near the town of Subin and Hal market in the Almajdal , wide parts from Hama_Muharda
Autostrad , Alsofuh chekpoint , Muarzaf , and Khafar_Umim, there are another wide areas we monitored firely.

And Al_hamwi added two tanks T72 were taken by rebels , anti_airstrikes , military pic_ups and several of medium range weapons.

In addition to that losings ” we destroyed two T72 tanks and BMB trolly , then we killed a lot of Assad forces and his supported militias and there are also prisoners” said Al_hamwi.

Ubada Al_hamwi pointed out that the rebels are now away from the city of Hama and its military airport of this axis about 8 km, and stressed that the battles will continue to achieve its declared and undeclared targets and will continue to liberation until the last spot of Syria, he said.

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