Displacement movements taking place in the villages of the southern countryside of Aleppo

Nowadays Southern countryside region witenesses horrible migration situation because of the durable bombardment of southern countryside’s towns and cities that are under rebels control

Thiqa’s correspondent in southern countryside of Aleppo said that since more than ten days Assad’s forces still arous a crazy campaign with all kinds of weapons , airstrikes, cannons, and rockets on Alhes mountain

And adding that the bombing is focused on Bana_Alhess,Konaiterat, Serjfareh, Alkerba, Khafarkar, Almintar , Alsamiriya, Almansoora farm and Alkozaala tiwns.

Our correspondent also added that bombardment always targets gatherings of civilians and their houses, resulting in huge migration in the area where moving towrds towns sides and agricultural lands, some of them are in nieghborhood camps of the region.

An activist siad to thiqa_agency that the number of displaced families during the last tow days until this moment are approximately about 300 family, these families have no tents nor livelihoods such as; water, midicen and food.

And he added in light of this cold weather also they have no heating materials, since one week until now any humanitarian organization didn’t reach to them , to serve, knowing that most of them living outside and under oliv trees.

In his turn, appealed to parents, the concerned authorities to look at their situation and help them, the fact that this region completely absent from the assistance programs being somewhat distant from the city center

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