Iran is upset of the Russian, Turkish rapprochement

An official responsible for Turkish Administration stated to Alanadol agency, that Iran is upset of the Russian,Turkish rapprochement about Syria affairs” clearifing that, Anqara and Tehran really know how their clout is, and we have also different views about lots of the regional issues”.

The resposible added to Al_Anadol , on friday, desiring not to reveal his name, that his countries” wait Tehran to use its clout in the area construcively, in what it help to lay a durable peasefull in the area, specially, in what is related to its subscribion to protect the seasefire truce in Syria, and begine with the political”, and he noticed that Iran is taking an attitude which is summarised in “all what the Syrian regime approves of, Iran approves also”.

The Turkish responsible mentioned that” Tehran is unsatisfied to Eufrate_sheiled operation” and he referred to holy visits between Anqara and Tehran since last ugust, about Syrian crisis, and there are some trouples between them, about what should be done with the crisis.

And about Alasitana argummentations ( khzakastan capital) between The Syrian sides, in coming 23 january, and if Iran would participate in it or not” Iran , Turkey and Russia are only intermediaries in Syria, not the sides who will decide the fate for this country

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