Martyr and wounded due to air raids aginst southern, northern rural

On tuesday, one civilian was martyred and 3 another civilians were injured due to an air raid by airstrike for Assad’s forces, upon Umalkaramil town, which is in southern rural and under the rebels contrrol.

Thiqa agency’s reporter said” airstrikes araused several air raids dawn today, where it was targeted by intersitial missiles, led to fall one civilian and another wounded , they were moved to close field hospitals to the area

The reporter siad” the bombardment caused a huge destruction of civilians’s houses , where the civil defense team rescued a family from under the rubbels and mad the area cleaned from bombardment wastes and opened the roads

And in southern rural of Aleppo, airstrikes attacked Albowayda and Aljadida by several air raids, where Assad’s cannons in Aladnanya town bombed Khafarkar , Bananalhess by dozens of cannons and rockets bombs.

Besides to, in norther rural of Aleppo air strikes aroused heavy raids by interstitial missiles aginst Khafar_hamra,Hayan, and Anadan caused a huge destruction of civilians houses, without any wounded.

And it is mentioned that Russian airstrikes have done a massacre in Khafar_halap in western countryside of Aleppo, led to fall of 3 martyrs from one family ” Abdallah Mahmoud, Yousef, and a wife of one of his sons”, in adition to airstrikes have targeted both of Khafarnaha, Khanalasal and Alrashedin area. While in the northern rural of Aleppo, both of Khafarhamra , Ma’art_alartiq and Yaqedalades has been attacked by several air raids

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