Martyrs and wounded due to bombardment of the Aleppo western countryside

Assad and Russia airstrikes aroused a serieses of raids today on thursday aginst civilians houses in Aleppo west countryside that led to martyrs and wounded, and destruction of civilians houses and public Utilities.

Thiqa’s correspondent in Aleppo west countryside confirmed airstrikes aroused a series of raids aginst Alshekali towns with internationlly_banned missiles that led to 3 civil martyrs and another wounded besides to a massive destruction with their houses.

He added also there were several air raids aroused by airstrikes aginst Aljinah town in Aleppo west countryside targeting civilians houses, he continued also that warplanes targeted tonight the town mousqe that led to martyrs and wounded among prayers.

This bombardment hit the Atareb city with raid west of Aleppo, it targeted also Maara , Kafarkarmin and Abin towns in Aleppo western countryside with several raids led to maasive destruction with civilians houses.

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