Protests north of Syria throughout week of Dir_alzor on death shores

Today, on Friday, manay protests have allready outed at many areas north of Syria, at the areas that are under the rubbels controll, under a name Deir_alzor over death shores, mentioning at the battels between ISIS and Assad’s forces.

In Aleppo, in alatareb city western of Aleppo there was a demonstration demanded to cancel out Assad’s regime and in solidarity with sieged Wadi_Barada.

As soon as, there was another demonstration in Dartezza city west of Aleppo demanded to cancel out Assad regime and uniting the factions under one name.

In adition to what mentioned before, in Idlib rural, there were protests in bothe of Ma’art_alnoman , Sarmada and Al_dana demanded to cancel out Assad’s regime and to stand with sieged Wadi_Barada in Damascause.

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