Russian warplanes have already done massacre against civilians in Idlib

Today on wedensday Russia airstrikes did a massacre against civilians, after an attack has been aroused by airstrikes on Idlib north of Syria, targeted civilians houses that led to 20 martyrs and dozens of wounded.

Thiqa’s correspondedent in Idlib said” airstrikes hit down today Idlib nighborhoods with two raidsby internationally_banned missiles that led to 20 civil martyrs besides to dozens of wounded and traped under rubbles according to civil defense statics.

He added also ” civil defens groupes and rapid ambulance still working now to take out dead or survived from under the rubbles, he pointed out that most of them are women and kids refugees from Aleppo and Anadan, as it caused mass destruction in residents buildings.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said airstrikes thought be Russian targeted north_west Idlib and Maartmisrin in the countryside.

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