The rebels control new positions north of Hama

The Free Syrian Army forces took control of new sites in northern Hama in the third consecutive campaign against Assad’s forces and foreign militias loyal to him.

The rebels managed to liberate the villages of al-Majdal, Mu’arzaf and Dahr-Beju areas, and seized a tank and a mud-brick chekpoint in the vicinity of a Mharda bridge.

The rebels also announced the liberation of the town of Arza and strategic Shiha hill north of Hama and thus the forces of the Syrian Free Army becomes 3 km from the city of Hama and 3,700 km from Hama military_ airport.

In the morning, the rebels announced that they were able to take control of the village of Tsurbein and Rahba Khattab and the full control over the village of Khattab located in the northern countryside of Hama. Point 50 and the Sabahi homemades in the northern countryside of Hama were controlled over. And the T72 tank was destroyed and a number of Assad’s forces were killed

On Tuesday, the rebels announced the start of a battle in northern countryside of Hama under the name of “order to work”. They took control of the town of Suran, north of Hama, and several chekpoints in the countryside of Hama, and seized three tanks of Assad forces besides to killing a huge number of Assad’s forces also.

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