Why Syria!

Why Syria! (Majed Abdel Nour)
It is difficult for most observers, analysts and even the most astrologers to predict what will happen on the Syrian arena even after one hour. The Syrian channel and its complex events and international and regional competition are increasing and escalating as every six seconds of internal conflict and international competition have not weakened any party. Even if only a small part of the conflicting parties, which indicates the importance of each of the States concerned to be unique in controlling the decision in this country at the expense of the other parties, the more time and the more depleted the more intense of competition and each party’s interests and sticks to it then prepare for another round of terrible depletion , hope that the opponent will be broken or weaken his concern and give up part of his ambitions and plans to this country.
There is no doubt that every small country emerging in this world strengths that make it a target always for every aspiring of the major powers dominating the system of this planet are those points are represented by an important strategic location or underground resources or land and air crossings, but most importantly that the conflict and competition for those countries Not even as much as the conflict that is happening in Syria, the wealthes of Libya and Iraq and the location of Egypt and Afghanistan and the strategy of Tunisia and Yemen were the focus of conflict and competition of major powers, as happens in Syria What makes this country a unique situation in this world What Syria is of great importance and let him know what he covets States of origin So if they said that they are competing for our oil and gas, this is ridiculous . All of Syria’s wealth is one day of production and stock, and it is not enough to pay a small part of the bills of their war Since the first day.
If they say that Israel is a neighbor of Syria, this statement would have been acceptable in the early stages of the conflict, but it could be said that they fear that this country will be freed from the constraints of their regime and will be raised by them and fear the future aspirations of its people. And at least that it needs a hundred years at the lowest estimate to fit within it and a hundred years to be repaired outside it also became talk after all this is a cause for the mocker.
If they said that the intensification of their struggle and their competition for the protection of minorities, this is the farce of the word, minorities fled and lost as the majority in the sea, camps and countries of displacement and asylum, even if this did not require prolonging this conflict, even for one month .
As for saying that Syria has strategic importance to not have another country, this is no longer accepted by a rational mind. Many countries in the world have strategic positions that are much more important than what Syria has. Many small and poor countries control the land, sea and air corridors that are the most important in this world. As it is happening in Syria.
So what makes the conflict and colonial competition on this country completely different from the rest of the conflicts in the world, what makes those large countries are aiming with all their strength and influence and burdens and draining their energy to find a place in the Syrian geography! The answer is difficult and the prediction is more difficult, but what is certain is that this violent conflict and the great competition in Syria will ultimately lead to a change in the post-World War II regime. It is also certain that the center of gravity of this global system and their intelligence center and protector of their interests is their regime in Syria. This regime has a great place in their dark rooms far outweighs the status of Israel and other artificial countries and perhaps changing it is the beginning of a comprehensive change in the system of this world .

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