Yesterday, on Monday, two childs and their mother due to a firing a karafan in Aliman camp along the Syrian, Turkish frontiers in northern rural of Aleppo

Thiqa_agency’s reporter in northern rural of Aleppo said” two kids, Rahaf Stan and Asil Steif 4 years, adition to their mother due to fire with Aliman camp which lodge refugees from northern rural of Aleppo and other rurals.

He addad also, that the two childs dead because their mother filled deesel inside the stove, led to firing Alkarafan and immediatly were died, meanwhile mother was approaching death.

The reporter mentioned that ” rescue tryings all were in vain because of closing door and firing The Karafan quickly , where the rescuers broke the wall and took out the dead bodies and rescued the mother

Also, our reporter continued that ” mother is Egyptian married of Syrian man, she died on one of hospitals’s door in Izaz area due to dangerouse huge wounds because of burning.

It was mentioned that ” the family is refugee from Tal_Rafa’at city , in northern countryside of Aleppo , after YPG had invaded the city by helping Russian airstrike.

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